Two fisherman in homemade £9 boat rescued off the coast of Essex


A pair of two men in their 20′s had to be rescued last week off the coast of Essex when their oars broke while fishing in their homemade boat.

“The boat didn’t leak, I’d do it again”

Their boat was made out of insulation boards, coat hangers and was held together by mere glue says Clacton RNLI.

According to one of the men they have used the boat before without any problems so that’s why they went out to see once more, only this time their oars broke so they couldn’t get back to the coast.

The 27-year-old from Jaywick explains that there’s ‘absolutely nothing wrong with the boat and since it didn’t leak he’d do it again’.

After the rescue operation the two men were instructed in the basics of ‘safety at sea’ and their homemade boat was eventually confiscated and destroyed afterwards.

Whether or not the pair has learned their lesson and give up on fishing in cheap, homemade and unsafe(!) boats has yet to be seen. The previous boat was built in only two days so who knows what they will build in the next couple of days ;-)

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