The Braintree Museum

815_530x353The Braintree Museum delves into local history. With numerous achievements to claim, the Braintree Museum rotates through exhibits, keeping the Museum an exciting place to visit time and time again.

Many exhibits fill the museum at any given time. Having been a thriving market for Roman trade, Brainree is rich in archaeological relics. The Father of Natural History, John Ray inspired the natural history exhibit of the Braintree Museum. The Old Iron portraits and the Town Hall murals are featured in the art exhibit. Presenting Castle Hedingham pottery, known for detail and functionality, the ceramics collection is captivating. The Photograph Exhibit immortalizes daily life and historic events in black and white. With a touchscreen system in the gift shop, visitors can order their favorite prints. And, of course, the Threads of Time Exhibit is always available to enjoy the rich textile history found in the rich colors of the cloth.

814_530x353In addition to their regular exhibits, Braintree Museum frequently host events to encourage and excite learning. Their newsletters and webpage have more information about such events.

Accommodating school groups, a Victorian Classroom is available for era appropriate dress-up and hands-on activities.
This dynamic museum, dedicated to preserve history and present it in a fascinating way, is a trip any family would enjoy.

The Braintree Museum is located on Manor Street, Braintree, Essex CM7 3HW.
The Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.
For more information, call 01376 328 868 or email

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