The Braintree District

749px-Braintree_UK_locator_map.svgLocated 40 miles out of London, Braintree is a district in Essex, England. Braintree has grown from Braintree proper, dating back 4,000 years ago, to encompass a large surrounding area, making present day Braintree 611.7 square kilometers.

This city was founded when a settlement formed around the crossroads of two Roman roads, placed before the Romans left England. In the 17th century, Braintree proper first gained a reputation for their textile market. At this time, their wool textiles were most prominent, until the final outburst of the bubonic plague in England wiped out just less than half of the townspeople. However, shortly thereafter the silk industry began to thrive when George Courtauld opened a silk mill. The efforts of such pioneers, tirelessly working to improve the industry and thus the town, are celebrated at The Braintree Museum.

Those interested in visiting Braintree will be delighted with the town. The market is open on Wednesday and Saturday, filling the town with various vendors selling their wares. Visitors would be remiss if they didn’t visit the cloth stalls. Traveling to Braintree and admiring their silks and wools will deepen the connection with Braintree District and its history, as visitors follow the Threads of Time. A town that is easy to travel on foot, visitors have a wide selection of places to eat, drink, and stay and sites to see.

Outside of Braintree proper are many other small villages. Charming in their small town lifestyle and scenic landscapes and architecture, the entirety of Braintree District is delightful, making a perfect low-key and peaceful holiday.