Relaxed Gambling Laws To Assist Online Gambling Inside Casinos?

thumbnailAs the article title suggests, it is an odd request. However, it is true that parliament has said perhaps it is time for gaming laws to be eased so that online gambling can happen inside the brick and mortar structures of casinos. However, this brings up a great many questions concerning how this gaming will be regulated.

Is Online Gambling Truly Safer Inside A Casino?

If online gaming is to be allowed inside casinos, the idea is that the gamblers will be safer and under much more pressure to quit before they are ahead than if they simply sat at home. The problem, however, is that many gamblers gamble online simply because it is easier than heading out to a casino and sitting amongst a large crowd.

How will the casinos manage to entice people to come in the door to do something that they are already doing at home? It would seem a great waste of their own money to drive or travel, park, eat, and tip workers inside the casino when the same gaming experience can be had at home.

 “I don’t necessarily want there to be more gambling, but I would like more of the existing gambling to take place in licensed and heavilyregulated environments.” – James Duddridge

The Government Tends To Try To Legislate Everything

However, the government has a long and proud of history of trying to legislate common sense. Not only do people know when it’s too hot outside, when to put suncream on, and when to slow down on the motorway, but they also know when they’ve gotten ahead of themselves when gambling. If they do not, that seems to be a private matter.

This Feels Like Something That Cannot Be Managed By The Government

The move to get online gamblers into casinos, presumably, to monitor them is a longshot at best. Casinos have enough problems without having extra people inside the building who may not necessarily need to be there.

Unless a full-fledged plan for this idea comes to light, it is hard to see how the government can get this legislation passed. In the meantime, online gamblers are safe in their homes.

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