Photographer Xavier Marseille merges ‘old’ and ‘new’ photo’s of Essex and goes viral on social media!

A new hype is currently in the making on social media thanks to artist Xavier Marseille.

By combining old and new photographs of the towns around Essex – such as Colchester – into one image he has created an amazing portal to the past where we can see how small British towns have evolved over the years.

“It’s currently at the trial and error stage, but people want more”

With more than 6,000 Twitter followers and a presence on Instagram and Facebook his artwork has gone viral over the course of a few days.

Thanks to the power of Photoshop, Marseille is able to blend both the old and new towns together in one single image creating an amazing window to the past with the present quite literally right next to it.

image (1)

The French artist explains that the project is still in an early trial and error stage and that he simply wanted some feedback from people by posting his idea on social media. But thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback he plans to continue the project and make even more blended images of towns around the Essex district.

If you happen to have any nice photographs around the Essex district lying around from the the early 1900′s, Marseille would be delighted if you could send them to him so he can go on with his amazing project. Photo’s can be sent to this e-mail address:

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