Living in Braintree District

Music-Festival-720x405Residents of Braintree are in a special place to be able to enjoy the history, culture, and events throughout the year. The Field of Dreams Beer and Music Festival, the Essex Festival of Food and Drink and a myriad of other festivals keep bringing people together in Braintree. The events diary is completely open to residents while visitors must keep their dates of travel. From the traveling performance troupes to the historic festivals, the magic of North Essex is at their fingertips.

The residents of the district can feel free to live locally and don’t have as much of a need for personal transportation as the amenities of life can all be found in relatively close proximity to each town center. With grocery stores, restaurants, superstores, and pubs at almost every town center, a lovely walk amidst the historic architecture will find one wherever they need to go.


Best of both worlds
Despite being in relatively small towns, the loca
ls have all the amenities they need and with the wider district only a train’s ride away, everything they could possibly need is available to them, matching the convenience of urban living with the slower pace, scenic beauty, and small town mentality that make the rural setting so coveted.


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