Tragic Plane Crash in Neighboring Essex

Yak-52_2866799bOn march 30 this week a plane went down in Essex near Cooksmill Green. The YAK 52 light aircraft was described by eyewitnesses as flying low and preforming acrobatic tricks before in abruptly took a nose dive the lead to its crash. According to reports the cockpit had bent underneath itself trapping the pilot and his sole passenger underneath.

Eye Witness

Mr. Reynolds, a chef at a pub located across from the crash site, said he was standing outside on a break when he noticed the plane flying low overhead.

“While standing out the back of the building we saw a plane overhead doing what seemed to be, at first sight, aerobatics,” he said. “And then… it seemed more distress than aerobatics. It twisted and then took an immediate nose-dive… and at that point, I knew that it was going to crash so I immediately called the emergency services and ran to get to the crash site.”

Passenger Identified

The passenger of the crashed YAK 52 has been identified as Simon Chamberlain, who would have been 30 this year in May. Police said that they were unable to name the pilot however. Mr. Chamberlain’s family were distressed. They mourn the loss of a family member as the Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigates the cause of the crash.

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